Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills

Editor(s): Judith R. Birsh, Ed.D., and Suzanne Carreker, Ph.D., CALT QI Publisher: Brookes Publishing Pub Date: 8/22/2018 ISBN: 978168125226 Price: $84.95 Order via GOBI »

Keep up with the latest on the highly respected multisensory teaching approach to literacy with this new fourth edition, a complete update of the bestselling textbook adopted in colleges and universities across the country. The most comprehensive text available on multisensory teaching, this book prepares today’s educators to use specific evidence-based approaches that improve struggling students’ language skills and academic outcomes in elementary through high school.

Educators will get rich background information on the systems and structures of the English language, plus a deep dive into the what and how of Structured Literacy Instruction. They’ll also find practical strategies and guidelines on all aspects of language and literacy instruction, including planning effective lessons, connecting research with practice, conducting and interpreting assessment, understanding the emotional side of learning disabilities, and more.