Propel to Quality Healthcare: Six Steps to Improve Patient Care, Staff Engagement, and the Bottom Line

Editor(s): Muha, Thomas M., Ph.D/ Murphy, Martha/ Pronovost, Peter, M.D. Publisher: Productivity Press Pub Date: 9/11/2017 ISBN: 9781138215047 Price: $39.95 Order via GOBI »

There is a new science – Positive Psychology – that studies how people are able to perform extraordinarily well in challenging situations. After a dozen years of research in prestigious medical centers, an evidence-based method for applying this science has been developed. That six step program is PROPEL. You will read stories illustrating the experiences of doctors, nurses and administrators who learned to use PROPEL to transform their professional life (and, for many, their personal life as well). You will learn how they were able to attain remarkable results with their teams, units and clinics.