Reading with the Grain of Scripture: Resurrection, Canon, Community

Editor(s): Rihard B. Hays Publisher: Baylor University Press Pub Date: 11/1/2019 ISBN: 9781481311922 Price: $49.95 Order via GOBI »

Reading with the Grain of Scripture is a collection of Richard Hays’ most important essays on biblical interpretation published over the past twenty-five years. The studies gathered here range across the New Testament canon, dealing with the four Gospels, the historical Jesus, the letter of Paul, and the theologies of individual writings of the New Testament, including Acts, Hebrews, and Revelation. Taking a stand against the corrosive hermeneutics of suspicion that has characterized much late modern and postmodern criticism, Hays proposes a reading strategy centered on the resurrection of Jesus and the New Testament’s message of hope for God’s eschatological transformation of the world. Such an approach seeks to read with, rather than against, the grain of the biblical narratives and to discern the deep figural coherence between the Old Testament and the New.